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#1 Costa Rica Costa Rica 76.28Implemented 63.98In progress 75.63Implemented 85.57Implemented
#2 Argentina Argentina 75.23Implemented 53.13In progress 73.81Implemented 92.34Implemented
#3 Colombia Colombia 74.22Implemented 60.78In progress 77.94Implemented 76.98Implemented
#4 Peru Peru 72.27Implemented 53.67In progress 70.5In progress 87.6Implemented
#5 Chile Chile 70.5In progress 56.02In progress 77.28Implemented 68.85In progress
#6 Brazil Brazil 69.81In progress 55.63In progress 70.56In progress 78.02Implemented
#7 Mexico Mexico 69.7In progress 65.39In progress 63.91In progress 82.24Implemented
#8 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 69.51In progress 28.03Core-deficient 75.25Implemented 82.08Implemented
#9 Cuba Cuba 69.33In progress 85.94Implemented 63.78In progress 78.73Implemented
#10 Nicaragua Nicaragua 67.94In progress 55.86In progress 69.72In progress 73.02Implemented
#11 Guatemala Guatemala 67.16In progress 51.88In progress 67.38In progress 76.98Implemented
#12 Bahamas Bahamas 67.11In progress 45.47In progress 66.84In progress 81.98Implemented
#13 Honduras Honduras 66.56In progress 52.27In progress 64.59In progress 79.38Implemented
#14 Uruguay Uruguay 66.08In progress 52.89In progress 65.91In progress 75.16Implemented
#15 Ecuador Ecuador 65.14In progress 55.63In progress 60In progress 80.05Implemented
#16 Jamaica Jamaica 65.13In progress 50.78In progress 70.53In progress 65.68In progress
#17 Panama Panama 63.47In progress 34.38Core-deficient 69.78In progress 72.34Implemented
#18 Bolivia Bolivia 62.72In progress 41.72Core-deficient 65.59In progress 71.93Implemented
#19 Venezuela Venezuela 60.95In progress 44.63In progress 62.13In progress 67.71In progress
#20 Paraguay Paraguay 60.77In progress 39.84Core-deficient 62.91In progress 71.15In progress
#21 Haiti Haiti 58.17In progress 28.91Core-deficient 66.13In progress 60.52In progress
#22 Belize Belize 58.13In progress 42.73Core-deficient 59.06In progress 66.82In progress
#23 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 55.67In progress 41.64Core-deficient 45.84In progress 81.41Implemented
#24 El Salvador El Salvador 51.52In progress 41.41Core-deficient 50.66In progress 59.69In progress
#25 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 51.09In progress 41.72Core-deficient 57.44In progress 46.77In progress
#26 Grenada Grenada 50.75In progress 31.48Core-deficient 54.22In progress 57.81In progress
#27 Guyana Guyana 49.09In progress 32.03Core-deficient 48.81In progress 60.94In progress
#28 St. Vincent & Grenadines St. Vincent & Grenadines 46.68In progress 38.36Core-deficient 46.68In progress 55In progress
#29 Dominica Dominica 38.44Core-deficient 40.63Core-deficient 26.66Core-deficient 60.94In progress
#30 Suriname Suriname 31.7Core-deficient 22.19Core-deficient 33.79Core-deficient 39.53Core-deficient
#31 Saint Lucia Saint Lucia 30.9Core-deficient 26.56Core-deficient 33.07Core-deficient Not applicableN/A